Ana Catarina Fragoso, Bárbara Fonte, Francisco Tropa, Gustavo Sumpta, João Belga, Maria Condado, Rui Chafes and Sandra Vásquez de la Horra. 



Mountains Running Through Our Fingers

From the 22nd of April until the 21st of May 2021

Opening:  22 April, from 15h30 to 19h00

The Casa A. Molder Gallery’s second exhibition brings to us the work of Ana Catarina Fragoso (1984). According to the artist, “As montanhas por entre os dedos” [Mountains running through our fingers] – the exhibition’s title – “is a painting installation that was conceived for the space of the Casa A. Molder Gallery.
It is a movement between two dunal landscapes, between day and near night, as we walk from the sea to the land.”
There is a confrontation in these landscapes, one sandy, the other overgrown, in two very definite moments in time, noon and incandescent sunset. The dazzling daylight and the approaching dusk, which, instead of blinding us, allows us to see, for one short moment, a whirlwind of colours and memories. It is a confrontation between aridity and abundance, between metal and paper. The mouldable aridity of the depiction of those sand mountains, erotic under that full light, set on the solidity of metal, can cause us to wander, while the abundance of the light that dwindles, set on the lightness of paper, is a spectacle that compels us to remain there.
These paintings are representations of landscapes chosen by Ana Catarina Fragoso. The artist finds her models during walks she takes with her camera, with that goal in mind. Then, on a luminous screen, her fingers enlarge those landscapes, revealing colours imperceptible to the naked, untrained eye. Painted while laid horizontally on the floor, in acrylic, one on metal and the other on paper, these previously unshown paintings find here, in the space of the Casa A. Molder Gallery and in their final vertical position, a new confrontation and relationship with our bodies and gazes.

Ana Catarina Fragoso Press

The exhibition is open to the public on weekdays, during the shop’s afternoon schedule, i.e. from 3h30pm to 7pm; visits on weekends and holidays can be made by previous appointment. Access to the Gallery is through the shop.


To enter the shop, mask-wearing and hand-sanitising are mandatory. Access to the gallery space is limited to three persons at a time.